Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Frack Free Tas is affiliated with Lock the Gate, a national coalition of ordinary Australians who are uniting to protect our common heritage – our land, water and way of life – against the threat of unconventional oil and gas mining.

The Lock the Gate Alliance is a national grassroots alliance of hundreds of local groups and thousands of supporters who are concerned about unsafe coal and gas mining.  Lock the Gate groups are located in all parts of Australia and include farmers, small business owners, traditional custodians, conservationists, city dwellers and country people.

We are a movement of thousands, and our mission is to protect Australia's natural, environmental, cultural and agricultural resources from inappropriate mining and to empower all Australians to demand sustainable solutions to food and energy production.

Frack Free Tas has adopted vision, mission and aims set out by the national Lock the Gate Alliance, and given them a uniquely Tasmanian focus.

Our Vision

Our vision is of healthy, empowered communities which have fair, open, accessible, democratic processes available to them to protect their land and water and deliver sustainable solutions to Tasmania's food and energy needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Tasmania's natural, cultural and agricultural resources from unconventional mining and to educate and empower all Tasmanians to demand sustainable solutions to food and energy production.

Our Aims

Through its national organisation and campaigning against unsafe and inappropriate mining, the Lock the Gate Alliance adopted five central aims.  Frack Free Tas supports these aims, and has modified them to reflect Tasmania's unique circumstances:

  • To protect Tasmania's water systems.
  • To protect Tasmania's agricultural land for food and fibre production.
  • To protect Tasmania's native forests, bushland, wetlands and wildlife.
  • To protect the health of all Tasmanians.
  • To protect Tasmania's Aboriginal and cultural heritage.

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