Our Principles, Code of Conduct and Policy Objectives

Our Principles, Code of Conduct and Policy Objectives

Our Principles

The Alliance is committed to the following guiding principles in all its activities:

Robust scientific assessment, the precautionary principle and the principle of intergenerational equity should guide decision-making.

  1. Tasmanian communities and landholders should have the right to reject mining developments which they consider unsuitable.
  2. Mining companies should be legally subject to the highest standards of openness, transparency and accountability.
  3. Frack Free Tas members and supporters should aim to act responsibly at all times and in accordance with principles of peacefulness and compassion.

Code of Conduct

In working to protect Tasmania's land, air, water and way of life, Frack Free Tas is also committed to the Lock the Gate Alliance Code of Conduct.

The Alliance has adopted the following policy of peaceful behaviour:

  1. We will treat each person (including companies, police and media) with respect.
  2. We will act responsibly at all times, engendering a spirit of peacefulness and compassion.
  3. We will not use physical violence, threats or insulting language
  4. We will protect our opponents from insults or attack.
  5. We will not damage equipment, apparatus or property of others.
  6. We will accept responsibility for our actions.
  7. We will assert our right to peaceful protest.

Policy Objectives

The Lock the Gate Alliance has developed a number of policy objectives to achieve its aims, which include protecting Australia’s water, agricultural land, bushland, wetlands, wildlife, public health and Aboriginal and cultural heritage assets from unsafe and inappropriate mining.

Frack Free Tas supports the objectives set out by the Alliance.  But unlike the situation on the mainland states, unconventional mining has not yet occurred in Tasmania.  A moratorium is in place until 31st March 2020, although this can be overturned at any time during the moratorium period.

In recognition of Tasmania's unique status Frack Free Tas has identified three policy objectives that will guide our future purpose.

Our Policy Objectives

  1. To achieve a permanent, legislated ban on fracking in Tasmania.
  2. To inform Tasmanians about the special risks that fracking represents to Tasmania, including to our way of life and the mainstays of our economic life.
  3. To empower landowners to disallow exploration for unconventional gas on their properties, or in proximity likely to adversely impact their properties, through the provision of robust legal rights, including fair, open, accessible and democratic notification, objection and appeals processes.