The best outcome for Tasmania is a
permanent legislated ban on fracking.

Tasmania's moratorium on fracking is policy based which means it can be overturned without any public debate or a parliamentary vote.

Government Policy on Fracking

In March 2015 the Tasmanian State Government extended its moratorium on fracking for a further 5 years - until March 2020. In announcing the Government Policy on Fracking Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff made these points:

  • following the government's review of fracking, it's clear that there is considerable concern about the issues of landowners' rights, public health and the environmental effects of fracking
  • there is considerable concern about the potential negative impacts of fracking, particularly within rural communities and farming families who rely heavily on our global reputation for producing premium and safe products
  • the decision to extend the moratorium would "protect Tasmania's reputation for producing fresh, premium and safe produce"

During the period the moratorium is in effect, the Government has signalled that it will consult with stakeholders and monitor developments in:

  • National and international policy relating to fracking, including the regulation of potential environmental and public health impacts and issues of land owner notification, consent and compensation
  • Scientific understanding of fracking and industry practices in other jurisdictions potentially relevant to Tasmania
  • Scientific understanding of environmental and public health issues relating to fracking in other jurisdictions
  • Energy needs and market developments
  • Community attitudes
  • any other relevant matters

A further review into fracking will be conducted before the moratorium period expires.

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