Frack Free Tas is pushing for a legislated ban on fracking in Tasmania.  This mining technique has proven to carry serious risk of contamination of ground and surface water, soil and air and serious health impacts on nearby communities disproportionately affect children.  Any positive effects on local economies are short-lived and are outweighed by the toxic legacy and depressed opportunities left behind.

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Fracking and unconventional mining have been banned in many jurisdictions, including Victoria and Ireland (2017), New York State, France, Bulgaria, Scotland, Nova Scotia, Wales, Germany…and others. These bans came about after extensive reviews of the risks and the costs weighed against the predicted benefits.

Other governments assist industry by limiting the scope of reviews (e.g. not looking at health impacts or introduce ineffective bans or moratoria.  That’s what we have in Tasmania.  We have a five year moratorium on fracking (2015-2020), but exploration is still allowed.   We also have the most limited government review on fracking possible- there is none!  The Hodgman Liberal government declared the five year moratorium in 2015 in response to public pressure, and promised a review of the technique.  Since announcing that stalling tactic and three mining ministers later, there is no review, no research or even response to Victoria permanently banning all unconventional mining.  The silence is stunning.

As the world rolls on and the unique value of what Tasmania holds and produces for the rest of the world just gets clearer, as does the stench of unconventional mining on the mainland and other sacrifice zones around the world.

A permanent ban of fracking in Tasmania will strengthen our brand, pure and simple.

The time is ripe.  There are no companies currently vying for the frackable resource, so no one to inconvenience by looking after our thriving premium produce and tourism industries. The only company that scoped out shale gas here,  Petragas surrendered their exploration license in 2016, citing the obstacle of public opposition, (which included communities in the South East Midlands declaring themselves ‘Gasfield-free’ earlier that year).

So our communities and existing industries want no more stalling or waiting to see which company wants to sniff around for some shale gas and convince and donate to political parties that it is a good idea.

Frack Free Tassie Frack Free 4 EVA! Ban Industrial Gasfields Now!

Industrial gasfields have no place in our state, in our economy, nor in our communities.

We ask politicians to enact a legislated ban on hydraulic fracturing ASAP.

We have created a pledge, that allows Tasmanian producers of high-end food and beverages to add their voice to the call for a permanent legislated ban on fracking in our clean, green state.

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We also have stickers for sale ($5 each), to help spread the word.

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