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Become a Member

Join us! With your help we'll work to achieve a legislated ban on fracking that will keep Tasmania frack free.

By joining Frack Free Tas you will make a difference in two important ways:

  • Your financial contribution will help us fund our important work supporting grassroots direct action, raising public awareness and lobbying decision-makers in business, local, state and federal governments.
  • Your membership will also make an important statement about Tasmanians' desire for water, soil and air, which is free from toxic contaminants. When you become a member, you help to grow our numbers and give us the power to act as a strong, cohesive movement for a frack free future.

Along with the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect Tasmania from fracking, by becoming a member you'll receive regular emails with news, easy ways you can take action and information about upcoming events.

Membership is open to people 18 years and over. If you're not 18 yet and believe that Tasmania deserves to remain permanently frack free, please become a Supporter.