Frack Free Tas Inc

Groundhog Day from Tasmanian Liberals


Frack Free Tas are highlighting how similar the Tasmanian Liberals’ fracking policy today is to that offered in the lead-up to the 2014 election.

In 2014, the Tasmanian Liberals’ policy was to have a 12 month moratorium and conduct a review of hydraulic fracturing (known as ‘fracking’).  They formed a government, called the moratorium, then held a review. But despite the response being overwhelmingly negative (over 90% of submissions were opposed to fracking), the Liberals made the non-decision of calling another moratorium (for five years, to 2020) and another review (which has not yet started).

“We have not seen any sign of a review since the last one received a resounding ‘no way’ from Tasmanian individuals and businesses.  Now, heading into a new election, it’s like ‘Groundhog Day’. If they get in again, we have to face another review before the moratorium ends in March 2020.” – Shaun Thurstans, President of Frack Free Tas Inc.

Tasmanians from many walks of life and business pointed out, in the 2014 review, how unwelcome industrial gasfields would be, with the associated risks and unsolved toxic contamination problems that would destroy our clean green image.  Southern Midlands communities went on to declare themselves ‘Gasfields Free’, joining hundreds of others around the country.

The Hodgman Government has recognised that clean water is integral to the Tasmanian brand by using it as a justification for a takeover of TASWATER, yet they dither on a fracking ban.

“Maybe the lack of decision is because the Liberal party brand is too closely tied to fossil fuels? ”– Shaun Thurstans,  “To those of us buoyed by the thriving tourism and high-end products getting unprecedented global attention, a Tasmanian government holding out for a toxic and  incompatible industry stinks of looking after mates and donors”.

“Thankfully the Tasmanian Labor Party supports a permanent ban on fracking, (albeit with a caveat for geothermal extraction), with the Greens also recognising the overwhelming benefits of protecting our soil, air, and water.”

Frack Free Tas Inc. repeat their call for a clear decision, not more dithering.  Tasmania needs to legislate a permanent ban on fracking and all unconventional mining. We need to join Victoria and the growing number of jurisdictions around the world who refuse to expose their land and people to the well-documented risks.  All candidates and parties need to clarify and justify their positions on a fracking ban in the next term of parliament.


Shaun Thurstans

President, Frack Free Tas Inc.

0438 306 542,

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