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Expiry of last petroleum licence paves way for permanent fracking ban

23 Nov 2016

Today marks a milestone of having no current exploration licences for petroleum in Tasmania, with the expiry of the Northern Midlands EL30/2011 licence held by Terra Tasmania Pty Ltd.

With this event, Frack Free Tas renew their call for a legislated ban on hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, in Tasmania.

“Here we have an opportunity to reinforce the clean and natural brand that underpins so much of Tasmania’s economy and lifestyle” said President, Shaun Thurstans “and such a move would inconvenience no one at all”.

“It’s a test case for the Hodgman government – do they support Tasmania’s thriving agriculture and tourism industries? or are they ideologically rusted on to support a fracking industry that has no presence in Tasmania?”.

The five year moratorium is recognised as a stalling move, evident in the fact that no review of hydraulic fracturing has been started, even after Victoria’s move to a legislated permanent ban.  Victorian farmers and local governments cried out for an end to this reckless industry, citing the impacts this type of industrialised mining would have upon the clean green credentials of their produce.

“The Andrews government made that move in recognition of the serious risks permanent contamination can have on established industries, and that was gutsy because there were companies with exploration licences pending in that state”, said Shaun Thurstans.

“No other region in Australia has more riding on their clean, green image than the Tasmanian brand” said Shaun Thurstans. “Does the Hodgman government have the guts to protect our health and economy or are they going to continue to pretend that farming and gas mining can coexist?

“The Tasmanian Labor Party have already endorsed a permanent ban (Aug 2015 State Conference), do the Liberals want this to become an election issue?”

“I hope they can see the opportunity here – the Victorian Government introduced their permanent onshore gas ban into parliament yesterday after thoroughly reviewing all aspects of unconventional mining, including poor aftercare of wells drilled in that state.  Tasmania will be risking our brand by pretending we need to experience this unsafe industry for ourselves before we know it can’t be done safely?”

“Tasmanians are waiting for a show of competency, vision and listening from the Hodgman government.  A decision to permanently ban hydraulic fracturing is the type of leadership Tasmanians are crying out for and has become a blatantly obvious desire amongst the public.”  concluded Shaun Thurstans.

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