Thanks to the moratorium in effect until 2020, there's still time to stop this toxic industry from ever gaining a foothold in Tasmania.

BUT with no legislated ban in place, Tassie businesses operate under the shadow of a moratorium that can be overturned with a simple policy shift.

Will you get in touch with your local MP and ask them to support a permanent ban on fracking in Tasmania? Our politicians need to hear loudly and clearly from their constituents that this toxic industry is not wanted here.

Will you phone or meet with your MP to voice your concerns about fracking? Or email an MP using our template!

To send an email about fracking to an MP:

Parliament HouseStep 1: Select an MP from the list.

Step 2: Make any changes you require.

Step 3: Add your name and email in the fields provided.

Step 4: Click 'Submit'.

We appreciate all that you do.

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  • While we recommend personalising your email to express your concerns about fracking in your own words, the email is to ready to send. If you prefer, just select an MP, add your name and email address in the fields provided, then click 'Submit'.