Fracking brings with it the very real risk of contaminating ground and surface water and depleting fresh water supplies. It industrialises our farmland and threatens our ability to safely grow food. Fracking degrades air quality and brings noise pollution. Allowing this industry into Tasmania will also bring the problem of how to dispose of gigalitres of toxic waste water, known as flowback, to our shores. Each of these risks is an integral part of the fracking process and each represents a significant risk to the environment and public health.

Dive Down - Dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing

Toxic to Tasmania

Farm fresh organic produce, Salamanca Markets, HobartThe unconventional oil and gas industry would like us to believe that fracking can co-exist with agriculture, tourism, recreation and other industries. Evidence from around Australia and overseas where fracking has occurred disproves this.

Fracking risks losing Tasmania's hard won clean, green image. It threatens our tourism industry and the ability of our high-end producers to access lucrative export markets. Our burgeoning organics sector, our breweries and wineries and countless high-end, niche market producers cannot 'co-exist' with an invasive, toxic industry that will spread out like a web across hundreds of square kilometres of prime agricultural land.